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podcastAudio series that covers technical and non-technical aspects of systematic software reuse, design patterns, architecture, SOA, messaging, product line practices & more!

Each episode is 3-6 minutes long with info you can use right away!

Episode 17 – Service Governance Key to Service Reuse (3min 57s)

audio_mp3_button  Service governance covering design, implementation, testing, and provisioning – and how they enable reuse

Episode 16 -Reusable Exception Handling for Services (4min 44s)

audio_mp3_buttoncomponents for handling exceptions, capturing relevant metadata, and determining notifications.

Episode 15 -Desiging Reuse-friendly Service Contracts (3min 16s)

audio_mp3_button Core set of practices to make service XML schemas maintainable and reusable.

Episode 14 -Rationale for Contract First Services(5min 12s)

audio_mp3_button Specific reasons why building services using contract first is strategic for your SOA.

Episode 13 -Disadvantages of Code First Services (3min 19s)

audio_mp3_button Disadvantages of building services taking a code-first approach.

Episode 12 -Techniques For Building Reusable Services (3min 18s)

audio_mp3_button Design techniques that help you build reusable service capabilities for your SOA

Episode 11 -Enterprise Data Services and Reuse (3min 22s)

audio_mp3_button Enterprise data access, the rationale for data services, and how they drive reuse

Episode 10 -Model View Controller and Reuse (4min 22s)

audio_mp3_button Model View Controller loosely couples application concerns and facilitates reuse of business layer.

Episode 9 -Facade Pattern and Reuse (3min 42s)

audio_mp3_button Facade can reduce coupling, provide a simpler interface, simplify development, and ease integration.

Episode 8 -Developer Resistance to Reuse (4min 07s)

audio_mp3_button Common reasons why developers resist building or integrating reusable assets and how to address them.

Episode 7 -SOA and Reusable Services (5min 11s)

audio_mp3_button How reuse helps generate new revenue and saving costs for SOA initiatives.

Episode 6 -Communicating Reusable Software Assets (4min 49s)

audio_mp3_button Key themes related to communicating reusable software assets and communication plan.

Episode 5 -Key Reasons Why Reuse Efforts Fail (3min 42s)

audio_mp3_button Points out why reuse efforts fail and introduces domain relevance and business alignment as strategies.

Episode 4 – Template Method Design Pattern (4min 57s)

audio_mp3_button Template method design pattern usage and how it relates to software reuse

Episode 3 – Design Patterns and the Adapter pattern (4min 35s)

audio_mp3_button Introducing design patterns and using the adapter pattern for wrapping legacy assets for reuse

Episode 2 – Product Line based Reuse (4min 23s)

audio_mp3_button Software Product Lines approach, the three foundational practices for achieving reuse

Episode 1 – Introduction (6min 39s)

audio_mp3_button Intro to reuse, code reuse vs. systematic reuse, common impediments to reuse success

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