SOA-based Systematic Reuse – Key Considerations
Emerging Trends in Software and Impact to Services
Having Reuse-Friendly Conversations
Building Reusable Services (Meetup Talk)

conceptsBasic Concepts

Horizontal and Vertical Software Assets
Continuously Align Your Software Assets
Reuse services in multiple business processes
Getting Organized for SOA Success
The Value of Service Mediation

quick_tipsQuick Tips

Short posts that cover organizational, technical, and process aspects. View all Quick Tips.


Minimize Jargon and Maximize Relevance
Not sure if something is reusable? Delay Commitment
Just Enough Design For An Iteration
How Service Orientation Principles Guide Reuse
SOA Success Is More Than Service Creation
Pursue SOA with reuse in mind


Pragmatic techniques that emphasize modularity, loosely coupling, and use of various design patterns that guide systematic reuse. View the Refactoring to Reuse series.
Building Reusable Assets With Agile Practices
Refactoring Legacy Assets With Agile
Using Agile Practices for Building Reusable Services
SOA Patterns and Practices

success-factorsSuccess Factors

Posts that bring together organization, process, and technical aspects, with an emphasis on long-term success of investments in software reuse. View the Success Factors series.

globeReal World Perspective

Getting real about reuse
Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile
Considerations When Refactoring to Reuse
Disadvantages of Building Services Code-First

warning signsRisks

Top reasons why systematic software reuse fails
Risks with software reuse
10 Design Assumptions That Could Hurt Your SOA
SOA Anti-Patterns When Building Services
Risks With Pursuing BPM Without SOA

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