Welcome to Art of Software Reuse, a site is dedicated to developers, designers, and architects aspiring to create better software.  Systematic reuse can help organizations achieve the following goals:

  • Faster time to market for new products and services
  • Higher quality software products
  • Lower cost of development and maintenance

Although reuse has alluring benefits it is very difficult to achieve in practice due to: technology constraints, legacy systems, organizational challenges, design limitations, buy vs build debates, aggressive deadlines, cultural issues, and a whole host of additional ones.

So how does an organization succeed with reuse? This is where the Art of  Software Reuse comes in. Pursue a pragmatic approach to systematic software reuse using ideas and techniques that will help teams and professionals succeed within the context of real world constraints. Taking an agile, iterative approach to building reusable software assets is the central theme espoused throughout the site.

Get started by looking at the popular posts on the site, listen to the reuse podcast, and view additional resources! Wish to send feedback, provide suggestions/comments? Just send an email to artofswreuse at gmail dot com.

About Vijay
Vijay Narayanan I lead teams that build self-service, multi-tenant platforms that reduce cost / total-cost of ownership, accelerate systematic reuse, and open new opportunities for firms to leverage cloud computing technologies. I have worked on several software projects ranging from single user systems to large, distributed, multi-user platforms with several services. I am a technologist focusing on large scale software reuse, agile development, micro-services, and distributed systems.

Disclaimer: this blog is the personal opinion of Vijay Narayanan and does not necessarily represent the opinion of his employer. The author will accept no liability for the use of the information or action taken based on any information provided through this blog. Any use of the blog’s material in articles, white-papers, wikis, blogs, etc. must be attributed to me directly without any reference to my employer. Use of my employer’s name is NOT authorized.

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