5 Reasons Why Managed Platforms Fail

In an earlier post, I wrote why managed platforms can drive large scale reuse alongside other benefits. Given their importance, it is imperative to think about avoiding failure. Below are 5 reasons why platform efforts fail:

  1. Not providing a public API that speaks to your client’s domain and exposing implementation details. Remember if you don’t manage this, whatever is shared will become the de facto public API. This in turn will tie your hands considerably when you need to refactor, improve, refine the API.
  2. Ignoring developers and their experience when using the platform’s public APIs and tools.
  3. Not investing in automated tests that can certify platform functionality
  4. Making it difficult (or sometimes impossible) to customize behavior. Clients forced to learn platform-specific terms and practices at the expense of their actual problem.
  5. Assuming your team has all the answers – this manifests in the form of inability to listen to what your clients are saying, not collaborating with them effectively, and not exploring opportunities to co-create / co-evolve the platform solutions

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