Envision a Data Services Product Line

I want to expand on the idea of a data services product line – specifically data that is critical to several business processes in your firm. Why use SOA to build these reusable services? It makes sense due to several reasons:

The data services product line can include data services across customer, account, product, and document data domains providing several capabilities for several internal and external applications and business processes. The vision for this product line? To create a suite of services that will:

  1. act as the single point of entry into interacting with core enterprise data
  2. significantly increase reuse of core data assets across business processes
  3. decrease time to market for new applications and services
  4. decrease development, maintenance, and support costs across the data service domains
  5. be scalable and extensible as business usage and needs varied over time

Customer services, account services, & document services can be considered products in a data services product line.

There are typically several sources of variation within the product line that needed to be effectively managed. Listed below is a subset of these variations:

  • Data Format
  • Data Structure
  • Data Source
  • Event Trigger
  • Data Visibility
  • Error Handling
  • Data Translations
  • Physical Transports
  • Workflow/Human approvals

Have you built data services at your organization?

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2 Responses to Envision a Data Services Product Line

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