Software Reuse Quick Tip #22

Tip #22 – Ensure Service Capabilities Stay Effectively Decoupled

The rationale for contract-first services (as opposed to code-first) is to effectively decouple service capabilities from needless implementation-specific, vendor-specific, and data-source specific realizations. You put the initial service capability out and ensured that the contract is decoupled – no legacy system specific details, no database-vendor or technology platform-specific attributes are present and your consumers are happy.  So, are you done? Well, no…because we all know that the technology environment, business requirements, regulations, and continuous innovations are the realities of modern development. You have to be careful not to succumb to these pressures and tread towards needless coupling. It is very easy to add one more attribute or element to your service contract and not pay attention to tight coupling being introduced.

As you add new versions, introduce enhancements, and make bug fixes take care not to introduce needless coupling. You can tie in code reviews – focused specifically around service contracts – to ensure this happens as part of your overall governance strategy. I will post detailed examples for this quick tip in a follow up post.

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