Considerations When Refactoring to Reuse

Here are a few points to consider while you refactor existing or new software assets for reuse:

  • If your team is building reusable assets for multiple applications (as part of a product line) within your control you could use a library approach (a JAR or DLL). How you package and deploy the asset is dependent on the development platform. Similarly, if your team is building reusable assets for external applications outside your control, it is better to with a service oriented approach.
  • Deploying reusable assets can be tricky! Spend some time thinking about how this asset will work within your environment. Is it going go be centrally deployed for all consumers? Or will each consumer have a copy of the asset in their application? If there are multiple copies, how will you track usage metrics?
  • Make sure you have covered security requirements. Your shop might have special information/privacy standards and even legal ones to comply with. Ask around.
  • Large shops might have enterprise standards that you might be forced to comply with. Work with the appropriate folks to avoid roadblocks when you deploy!
  • A good rule of thumb is to seek input from your production support team (or your own team if you play that role) for understanding their needs. Think of production support input as part of your refactoring effort. Sure you can get away not doing this but why waste a precious opportunity to build a higher quality product while strengthening the partnership.

Don’t wait till the end of your iteration to consider these issues. You will have higher success with systematic reuse if you work these details out as well.

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