Thank You and Call for Participation!

Wanted to share with you a small milestone that we recently hit upon: 7500 page views, 3700 syndicated views, and 500 hits on the podcast. Back in March when I started this blog, I had no idea what the journey would be. It has certainly been very exciting and many thanks for your comments, feedback, and continued support!

To mark this tiny milestone, I am planning a new series of blog posts titled Reuse Recipes. These will be similar in spirit to recipes found in O’Reilly Cookbooks and will be focused on systematic software reuse – covering organizational, process, and technical aspects.

I am requesting contributions for this series from you. Your voice is important and your input is extremely valuable. Your contributions will be put up on the Art of Software Reuse site and fully acknowledged as your work. Additionally, they will get included in the bi-monthly newsletter publication. I am more than willing to hear your ideas on additional ways to syndicate, share, and communicate this material.

Interested? You can leave a comment or send an email to Please respond by December 15th 2009. I’m looking forward to your participation!

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