Systematic Reuse Success Factor #3 – Capture Domain Variations

Capturing necessary variations in the domain is extremely important to systematic reuse. Business domains are filled with variations that need to be identified and managed across your codebase. Product line variations are at the heart of effective software reuse. To identify variations in your domain you need go seek subject matter experts as well as end users in your shop. Work with them closely to understand the domain, the aspects that tend to vary often, and how these variations are manifested in user stories. From the customer’s point of view, these variations are a natural way of how their business functions. Invest time to make sure that you not only recognize variations as a whole but also identify the sub-set of variations that really matter.

Given the pragmatic nature of software reuse that is necessary, it is unrealistic to identify all variations in a problem domain. Your iterations will not happen and working software won’t get delivered unless you can include and adapt domain variations as part of your development practices. From a design perspective there are some questions that will help you. Every time you look at a user story you should ask yourself:

  1. What domain entities involved?
  2. Are there entities being encountered for the first time?
  3. Is this story requested in more than one product or application?
  4. What aspect of the domain varies in the story? Some common variations tend to reoccur – the kind of user who uses a feature, number of features being offered, differences in behavior for a feature or a group of features, how features are bundled together based on business criteria, interface metaphors and themes, and reporting/charting capabilities.
  5. Are there a set of user stories or aspects of user stories that appear together often?

Are there additional questions you can ask to capture domain variations?

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3 Responses to Systematic Reuse Success Factor #3 – Capture Domain Variations

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