Five Ways To Save Money With Systematic Reuse

There are several benefits when an organization pursues systematic reuse. Chief among them? Saving valuable money of course! So here are 5 fives to save money with systematic reuse. Before you get carried away do remember that systematic reuse is not like winning a lottery ticket but more a carefully nurtured long term investment!business drivers

  1. Save time developing, integrating, and testing core domain components that get reused across projects. You did separate them from project-specific code, didn’t you? 🙂
  2. Reuse service capabilities across business processes and when building composite service capabilities
  3. Minimize point to point integrations when exchanging data among systems. Pursue event driven publish/subscribe and have interested parties subscribe to a standard set of messages. An ideal place to publish these standardized messages? business process orchestrations.
  4. Reuse legacy system capabilities as long as you are leveraging them via a mediation layer.
  5. Pursue refactorings and align capabilities towards reuse within the context of user stories. You have to do that work anyways to get the story to be functional. Why not save development time for subsequent iterations?

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