Software Reuse Quick Tip #16

Tip #16 – Work with multiple stakeholders not just development

Systematic software reuse is a complex and challenging journey. Many of us in technology think of reuse from a developer standpoint. This is only part of the story. The success of reuse efforts often hinge on more than developers and development practices. You need to recognize the other stakeholders in this journey – they include system analysts, production support staff, information modelers, technical leads, and most importantly executives and development managers. Unless you have management support it will be tough influencing many projects in your organization. In the same vein, unless your reusable assets are supported in a production environment you cannot garner the required credibility of consumers and partners within your organization. Before you rush to buy the latest greatest silver technology silver bullet that will take you to the promised land of systematic reuse recognize that there isn’t one. It is a collaborative, incremental, and iterative effort requiring technical excellence, diplomacy and negotiation skills, and continuous communication. All these ideas apply whether your reusable asset is a library, framework, or service capabilities in a SOA context.

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