Create a standard event processing infrastructure

Business events – whether they are initiated by human users or system processes – either initiate, change the state of, communicate out of , or terminate business processes. A standard event processing can be used to capture events, enrich them, analyze them, and handle them via appropriate event handlers. This infrastructure could be used to log, track metrics, and most importantly determine the appropriate orchestrations to execute for successful event processing.

As this processing matures you can introduce business rules and business intelligence based event analysis, routing, and enrichment. Iteratively you can also build out a library of business events and associated event handlers that can be reused across multiple projects and initiatives. On a related note you will want your legacy systems to send and consume events in the same format as your strategic platforms. This will facilitate a seamless transition when you migrate functionality off legacy systems by reducing the need to redo event generation, processing, and decision logic.

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3 Responses to Create a standard event processing infrastructure

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