Software Reuse Quick Tip #11

Tip #11 Document Capabilities as well as limitations of reusable software assets

When documenting a reusable software asset donot only capture only capabilities. Be sure to document limitations as well. This is important because limitations directly influence refactoring work. When trying to match a user story with an existing asset the limitations will determine the extent to which you need to update the existing code in order to implement the story. Limitations are not a bad thing per se especially since you want to prioritize overcoming them within the context of a real user need. This exercise is made a lot easier when you capture the limitations ahead of time – this way you don’t have to review your code or ask several developers in order to come up with the refactorings needed.

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2 Responses to Software Reuse Quick Tip #11

  1. Jing says:

    Where would you document these assets? Javadoc? Separate word doc? What have you found to be more effective and maintainable?

  2. I would recommend a lightweight tool – you can start with even a word document if you have a small set of reusable assets. What I use is a wiki – setup a page for each asset and keep updating it based on releases/iterations. Wiki is simple to use and if you are uncomfortable opening it up for anyone to edit you can have a designated owner for updating the contents and let reviewers provide feedback by adding comments on the wiki page. Javadocs are great for communicating the point-in-time state of the API but i haven’t found it convenient for tracking updates to reusable components over time.

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