Reuse services in multiple business processes

When you build services always do so with the intent of integrating them with more than one business process. Why is this important? Several reasons:

  • Services are the building blocks of automating business processes – if the services aren’t reusable they cannot be used across processessvc_across_biz_processes
  • Services need to provide abstraction to complex technical structures/implementations. You don’t want to solve the same abstraction twice across business processes.
  • Helps you build new business process automation solutions faster. If the service is devoid of process-specific couplings it can be used in multiple projects. Here are some examples of process-specific couplings: designing a service to work with a particular user population, placing workflow/routing logic within a data service, placing complex business rules within service logic, assuming a service will only get accessed via a particular sales channel etc.
  • Enterprise data services – also known as entity services – should be properly encapsulated, abstracted, and hosted in a scalable environment to facilitate reuse across multiple business processes.

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