Standardize error codes for reusable error handling

Standardize error codes across reusable assets so that multiple assets can report errors in a consistent manner. If error codes are consistent, how you to chose to log them or react to them can also be standardized across the product line. If each reusable asset gives you a unique set of error codes it makes it difficult for dealing with them. Standard error codes themselves could have a naming convention depending on where the error occurred, which component/module/service the error originated, and type of resource impacted by the error etc. I like to use a dot (“.”) notation when reporting errors – e.g. when the  XYZ module in ABC product cannot fetch a database connection the error code is: DB_CONNECTION_ERROR. You can have stack trace and error location to pinpoint where the error occurred but it is important that all database connection errors across your reusable inventory use the same error code. If we need to retry the connection, or notify a database support team, or whatever remedial action needs to be taken can be initiated across the product line using a single mechanism to handle errors.

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One Response to Standardize error codes for reusable error handling

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