Software Reuse Quick Tip #5

Tip # 5 Co-create reusable software assets as often as possible cocreate

There are a variety of reasons systematic reuse initiatives fail including technical and organizational reasons. If there is no buy-in from development groups that are prospective users of these reusable assets it will not be possible for your initiatives to succeed. I often hear that developers and development managers don’t want to reuse or develop a reusable capability because they don’t feel included in the realization of reusable assets.

How to deal with this factor? Instead of trying to convince, co-create reusable assets!

If you get a requirement to build an email alert notification need – work with the original development team and involve them in the design. Better would be to get them to develop a portion or all of the capability. If they co-created it with you, they will not think of the asset as a black box that they are being forced to use. You will be surprised with this – they will start helping you foster reuse by sharing this with their partners in the organization.

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