Software Reuse Quick Tip #4

Tip #4 Understand the need before trying to persuade

It is often tempting to persuade a developer or a development manager so they agree to reuse a software asset. However, if you repeatedly persuade without understanding the need, the business requirement it is unlikely that your efforts will bear fruit. Instead of persuasion, try listening, empathizing, and truly understanding the requirement. Figure this part out and then identify the asset can be leveraged or developed. Why? because when you truly listen you might discover that your existing asset does meet the need perfectly as-is or it doesn’t meet the need at all. Maybe your reusable service needs to meet a certain performance metric. Or if the existing service is leveraged, it will increase schedule risk. Whatever.

The point is your existing asset’s relevance to the problem at hand. Listen, evaluate, and persuade (if applicable). In that order.

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