Plan for common product line needs

You want to focus on business or domain-specific reusable assets and your development team needs to stay true to that vision so reuse can become real.  In addition to domain specific assets your application or product line will surely need horizontal functionality such as logging, auditing, authentication, instrumentation, and monitoring.  I pointed out in a previous post that you don’t want to build such functionality from the ground up. Reuse what the platform vendor provided out of the box or what the open source community has created. Now, here is the key – even if you don’t reuse everything you want, put a stake in the ground on the lean, the direction you wish to get this type of functionality. If you have a preferred technical library or API for accomplishing these needs you can integrate them into your development, build, and release cycle on a as-needed basis. You should publish what technical assets you currently use, where to obtain them, how to configure them, and what you plan on using in future in a central place for all your developers.

When a developer gets excited to roll out a custom logging framework, point the person to your strategy. You will be surprised how effectively this will get the focus back on building what you really want – those domain relevant reusable assets!

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