Good design is at the heart of achieving systematic reuse

Good software design will help achieve your systematic reuse objectives. It is critical for achieving several things:

Identifying candidate or potential reusable software assets

Reducing coupling between software modules, systems, services, and processes

Ensuring that a reusable software asset can scale and perform based on your neeeds

Gracefully extend a software asset’s capabilities to meet changing business requirements

….and many more related to supportability, availability, testing effort, etc.

Design is at the very heart of systematic reuse – without good design practices and principles your reuse effort will not succeed. Good design is a necessary (not a sufficient) condition for success.There is a ton to be said on this topic and we will certainly explore them using examples.

In your experience, has design facilitated a reuse initiative or effort? did good design help achieve high degree of reuse for a service or component?

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